Комитет помощи политзаключённым ДПНИ направил в Страсбург жалобу по фактам пыток и неоднократного избиения Николы Королёва в местах лишения свободы. В жалобе излагается просьба направить запрос в Российскую Прокуратуру. Мы надеемся, что Комиссия по правовым вопросам и правам человека, Парламентской ассамблеи Совета Европы отреагирует должным образом на обращение наших соратников. Ниже приводим полный текст обращения на английском языке.

Tortures in the Moscom detention centre


To this moment, Korolev Nikolai Valentinovich, a life-term prisoner, is under trial and is confined in custody in the detention centre IZ-77/2 in Moscow, Russia. (The address is Novoslobodskaya Str., 45, Moscow, Russia, 127055).

On November, 10, 2010 he and his cellmate were beaten up by instructions of the detention centre IZ-77/2 administration (Sergey Telyatnikov).

After that, on the November, 12, 2010 Korolev was placed into disciplinary cell with use of physical force. The officers of the detention centre IZ-77/2 beated him. They dislocated his arm, but didn’t provide him medical assistance. Several times Korolev heard threats of applying physical force against him from the officers of the detention centre IZ-77/2.

To this moment he stays in the disciplinary cell for more than one month with breaks of 1 or 2 days. And nobody can explain him or his wife why.

It is very cold in the disciplinary cell. Korolev suffers from undernourishment. The officers don’t provide him hot water. His personal belongings were taken off from him. Also he hasn’t got law literature and can’t prepare for trial hearings, although he has such right.

On December, 25, 2010 he was beaten up again. His lawyer says that he has several scars on his head and suspected brain concussion. Now Korolev is in the disciplinary cell again. Now we are afraid for his safety. Some other life-term prisoners, for example Oleg Kostarev, Polovinkin, were also beaten up. And they are afraid for their lives. I ask you to help Nikolai Korolev. His family can’t find justice in Russia. I ask you to send a request to the Prosecutor of Russia or to some other authorities.

Кому: Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe, Committee on legal affairs and human rights

Куда: Avenue de l'Europe, F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex Fax: +33/ 388 41 27 81