Exclusive to CofCC.org
by Kyle Rogers

In a surprise decision, the Russian Federal government banned an anti-immigration group that has tens of thousands of active supporters. The government also published a list of newly banned “offensive” terms for ethnic minorities. Those who use the terms will be fined. Regular citizens can be fined up to $300, while politicians and media can be fined up to $3,000 for using the banned words.

The DPNI, or “Movement Against Illegal Immigration,” has been a fixture in Russian politics for the last couple years. The ban is supposed to squash “ethnic tension” in Russia. Across Europe, immigrants have been rioting and attacking whites. The difference in Russia is that young Russian males form their own mobs and fight back. Radical left-wing groups have been fear mongering about a “race war” to get the Russian government to take action against “nationalists.”

DPNI leader Vladimir Ermolaev said that the ban was largely a result of the violent riots in Egypt and Tunisia. He said the Russian government feels it is taking steps in advance to squash groups that could potentially lead young Russians in mass riots. He says that supporters of the ban believe DPNI followers will resort to supporting more “mainstream” parties and become more moderate.

However, DPNI leaders say the exact opposite will happen. They say DPNI leadership has moderated the rhetoric and actions of their aggressive followers to wield a peaceful and effective political machine. By banning the DPNI and others, some members will resort to violence to get their voices heard. DPNI says the ban will radicalize their followers as well as the Russian people as a whole. Making the likelihood of mass riots much more probable.

The Russian government banned the Slavic Union, a smaller group that trains members in martial arts, last year. While the Slavic Union had drawn a lot of it’s support from the Russian “skinhead” sub-culture, DPNI has a far broader appeal. DPNI members and supports reflect ordinary Russians.

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